CW Practice Net

Ham radio enthusiasts,

The first Vermont CW practice net will be held on Monday, April 10, at 7 PM. We will meet on the Bolton 145.15 repeater, check in by voice, and then move to 80 meters for the actual net. Net control will announce the 80 meter frequency to be used via the repeater. Stations outside Vermont are welcome to participate. (Once we find a standard frequency that is usually available, we will announce it so that stations outside the range of the 145.15 repeater can join us.)

Hams at all levels of skill are welcome. We will start out very slow (less than 10 wpm) and gradually increase speed in the months ahead as we build proficiency together.

Net control will be Alan K1MZM, though we may have different net controls on different weeks. My thanks to Alan for helping us get started.

The net will open with “Vermont CW net Vermont CW net Vermont CW net de K1MZM pse QNI.” QNI is a standard CW Q-signal that call for checkins to the net.

The goal here is to get CW practice and have fun, not to show that we are running the best-organized net in the US! This will *not* be a traffic net, and will run in an informal way.

Here are a few Q-signals designed for nets. these won’t necessarily all be used, but it’s good to be aware of them, especially QNI, QNG, QNJ, QNP, and QNF.

QNA* Answer in prearranged order.
QNB* Act as relay Between _____ and _____
QNC All net stations Copy. I have a message for all net stations.
QND* Net is Directed (controlled by net control station).
QNE* Entire net stand by.
QNF Net is Free (not controlled).
QNG Take over as net control station.
QNH Your net frequency is High.
QNI Net stations report In.*. I am reporting into the net. (Follow with a list or QRU).
QNJ Can you copy me? Can you copy _____?
QNL Your net frequency is Low.
QNM* You are QRMing the net. Stand by.
QNN Net control station is _____ What station has net control?
QNO Station is leaving the net. FSD-218 (1/04)
QNP Unable to copy you. Unable to copy _____
QNS* Following Stations are in the net. *(Follow with list.) Request list of stations in the net.
QNT I request permission to leave the net for _____ minutes.
QNX You are excused from the net.* Request to be excused from the net.
QNY* Shift to another frequency (or to _____ kHz) to clear traffic with _____
QNZ Zero beat your signal with mine. * For use only by the Net Control Station.
QRU Do you have a message for me?

Hope you will on us for these weekly 80 meter CW practice nets! Feel free to forward this to other local clubs and repost on their mailing lists.

Cathy James
Barre, VT

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