Minutes of April’s Meeting

Minutes of the 6 April 2016 Annual Meeting

Acting President Cathy N5WVR James called the meeting to order at 6 pm in the Community Meeting room and also the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the Barre, VT Municipal Building.

CVARC members and friends attending the meeting were:  Cathy N5WVR James, Peter KF4EUI James, Gary N1RNJ Sheridan,  Allen W1AAT Tinker, Ed N1FMP Hutchinson, Fred N1OEP Doten, Carolyn KC1AZA Brusetti,  Russ W1LRS Schauer, Alan K1MZM Zaur, and Joseph AB1YC Schaedler.

Minutes of the 2 March  2016 meeting were approved with minor typos as presented.

The acting Treasurer reported that the record books would be transferred to him as soon as collected from Tom KB1NGQ Long and that an up to date report would be provided shortly thereafter.

The first order of business was to elect new officers for the 2016-2017 year.  The Secretary reported the Nominations recommended at the 2 March 2016 meeting as follows:  President Cathy James, Vice President Fred Doten, Treasurer Russ Schauer, Director Steve Board and Secretary Allen Tinker.

The floor was opened for additional nominations, and, hearing none, it was moved and seconded and approved that the secretary cast one ballot for the slate.  The new officers were congratulated by the group with every good wish for a most successful tour of duty as CVARC begins its new year.

Cathy James announced that tonight’s presenter, Bob DeVarney, had received an urgent call from a customer and would not be able to tell us about his Earth-Moon-Earth communications experiment tonight.  He has been rescheduled to attend our 6 July meeting and we will be looking forward to hearing his presentation.

President Cathy N2WVR James presented the following items for discussion and future direction:

Club Amateur Radio Shack

We have been looking for a suitable location and a number of college sites where members have connections were identified.  Norwich in Northfield, VTC in Randolph, Goddard and CCV were noted.  The group will continue to explore possibilities and expressed the notion that this will obviously be a long term project and goal.


Weekly CW Net on 80 Meters

Those interested in participating in a Monday evening CW net are invited to check into the Bolton Repeater, 145.150 – 100.0 tone, at 8 pm to learn where in the 80 meter CW band the group is hoping to contact each other.  The evening will start off slow and gradually increase its speed and desired by the group.  Beginners, intermediates and advanced “fists” are invited to participate and enjoy the way most of us began our ham radio careers.



Cathy announced that progress has been made on securing an editor who will assume duties in the very near future.  We all agreed that good communications are vital to an active and engaged ham radio club and everyone was encouraged to give thought to a potential article or blurb on their ham activities and interests.



It was agreed by the group that the President appoint Chris N1GBB Knox as our repeater guru and ask that a report on our Cabot and Williamstown repeaters been made to the group in the very near future.  It is unknown, for example, how much the Cabot repeater is actually used and where the keys to the site are currently located.  Cathy recommended that we consider a “tech talk” net for our members where questions could be asked and project ideas shared.



CVARC’s By-Laws are in need of an update and minor revision.  The Steering Committee will begin to address this issue and bring a report to the membership with its recommendations.


The Steering Committee/Board of Directors meets at 6 pm on the third Tuesday of each month at The Falls General Store on the corner of Route 12 and Cox Brook Road in Northfield Falls.  The Deli there can provide you with superior dinner choices and all are invited to join our steering committee as they do the business of the club.  The idea is to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, time spent at club meetings on the nuts and bolts of club business.


It was suggested that the club Newsletter could contain a section on “swap and shop” items identified by members.  Ed Hutchinson noted the recent sale of equipment by Virgil AA1RW Hall of West Topsham who will be moving soon to Florida.  He also noted that Virgil has some 2 meter equipment for sale as well.


The group agreed to sell the military “rocket launcher” tower purchased from David W1DEC Cain and used for a few years at field day exercises for $600.  The tower is currently stored at Steve Board’s home in Roxbury.


Discussion continued on Class E transmitters for 160 and 80 meters and Alan Zaur noted that he has material available to construct one as a club project if interest exists.  For a future meeting the subject of Antenna Modeling Software was identified as well as “logging software” currently available on the market.  Digital modes including PSK and the new Digital Mobile Radio phenomenon were also discussed.  The membership is always encouraged to pass along ideas for meeting presentations to the Steering Committee.


The meeting was adjourned about 7:30 pm.



NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING will be held on Tuesday evening 17 May at 6 pm in the upper room of The Falls General Store on the corner of Route 12 and Cox Brook Road in Northfield Falls.  Everyone is invited to join our newly elected officers in planning our future.

THE MAY MEETING of CVARC (Barre Municipal Bldg) on Wednesday evening 4 May at 6 pm is to be a Field Day planning session for field day activities to be held at the Barre Town Recreational facility on the Saturday and Sunday weekend of 25 and 26 June.

THE JUNE MEETING of CVARC will feature Brian WB2JIX Duerr of the True Ladder Line Company.