Minutes of July’s Meeting

President Cathy James called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm in the Community Meeting Room ofthe Barre, VT Municipal Building. Cathy welcomed a record number of attendees to a revitalized CVARC meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves to the group.

Attending the meeting were: Cathy James N5WVR, Paul Wade W1GHZ, Bill Segel N1DNN, Jim Gricci K1SCE and Jeanne Gricci K1ND, Pete Knight AB1PQ and Kathy, Mike Seguin N1JEZ, Paul Kidder KD2KJR, Peter James KF4EUI, Bill Peatman KB1WXT, Bob Danaher KB1PFI, Sasha Thayer KA1WNO, Allen W1AAT Tinker, Ed N1FMP Hutchinson, Fred N1OEP Doten, Carolyn KC1AZA Bruseti, Russ W1LRS Schauer, Alan K1MZM Zaur, Chris N1GBB Knox, Joe N1PTR McKeon, Brian WB2JIX Duerr and our guest presenter Bob DeVarney W1ICW.

Minutes of the June 2016 meeting were approved as presented.

The Treasurer, Russ Schauer, reported that our balance is $700.30.

Cathy James made several brief announcements in the interest of giving our presenter as much time as possible at tonight’s meeting. She thanked QFQ editor Jessica Noyes and all who contributed to our revitalized club newsletter and reminded everyone of the need for articles in future editions. She reiterated our need for organizing a group of VE examiners for new and upgraded licensees in the club and noted our determination to offer classes for all in the fall.

President James introduced Bob DeVarney W1ICW of Milton, VT as tonight’s program presenter.

Bob entertained and enlightened us with an excellent presentation on communicating with other amateur radio stations by bouncing signals off of the moon. Bob very graciously provided us with a copy of his Power Point Presentation and would encourage as wide a distribution as possible.

Please inform the secretary if you would like a copy. 8mb.

The group expressed its thanks to Bob and the meeting was adjourned about 7:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Allen Tinker, CVARC Secretary

THE AUGUST MEETING will be held on Wednesday 3 August at 6 pm in the Community Room and our guest presenter will be Marion Juskuv AA1VU who will speak to us about the Military Amateur Radio Service, MARS.

NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING will be held on Tuesday evening 16 August at 6 pm in the upper room of The Falls General Store on the corner of Route 12 and Cox Brook Road in Northfield Falls. Everyone is invited to join our newly elected officers in planning our future.

THE SEPTEMBER MEETING will be held on Wednesday 7 September and in lieu of a guest presenter members are invited to bring a “show and tell” to share with all who attend.

A SEPTEMBER EVENT OF INTEREST CVARC is delighted to announce that on Saturday evening 17 September Don KB5VP Price of Windsor, VT will speak to us about the new interest of Digital Mobile Radios which is sweeping across the ham community. Don is the Connecticut Valley FM Association’s head guru in the subject and was a prime mover in getting there UHF digital repeater installed on Mt. Ascutney.

THE OCTOBER MEETING on the 5 th will feature Thomas Perera W1TP who will tell us about the Enigma Cipher Machines and their place in deciphering technology.