Minutes of June’s Meeting

Minutes of the 1 June 2016 CVARC Meeting (Corrected and Revised 1 July)

Vice President Fred N1OEP called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm in the Community Meeting room

and also the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the Barre, VT Municipal Building.

CVARC members and friends attending the meeting were: Joseph AB1YC and Linda Schaedler,

Allen W1AAT Tinker, Ed N1FMP Hutchinson, Fred N1OEP Doten, Carolyn KC1AZA Brusetti, Russ

W1LRS Schauer, Alan K1MZM Zaur, Chris N1GBB Knox, Ture NB1NBJ Nelson, Steven KA1LHZ

and Joe N1PTR McKeon, Martin KB1SLG McMahon and guest presenter Brian WB2JIX Duerr

Minutes of the May 2016 meeting were approved as presented.

The Treasurer reported that our balance is $882.30.

Vice President Fred Doten noted that President James was absent due to heavy work schedule and

presented the following items for action and future direction:

Vote on By-laws changes and vote on the 2011 Repeater Use Policy

It was moved and seconded to adopt the changes in the By-Laws recommended by the

Steering Committee / Directors which were presented and discussed at the May meeting.

There being no further discussion, the motion was adopted.

It was moved and seconded to adopt the recommendation of the Steering Committee /

Directors that the 2011 Policy on Repeaters presented at the May meeting be rescinded.

There being no further discussion, the motion was adopted.

Future Happenings and Concerns

The CVARC Newsletter editor Jessica Noyes is looking to an early July date for publication of

the first edition of our new newsletter. Members are encouraged to send her photos, reports of

ham radio adventures, items for swap and shop and anything else that the membership might

find interesting.

Cathy James has offered to host classes leading to general and extra class license upgrades

which will commence in the fall. Please inform her of your interest in participating. We need

also to develop a local group of VE examiners. Please speak to Cathy if you are interested.

Members are reminded that dues are $20/yr for individuals and that family memberships are

available. Membership cards will be provided by our treasurer.

Vice President Doten introduced our presenter, Brian WB2JIX Duerr, who is a member of the RANV

amateur radio club and has spoken to many clubs about the original Ladder Line antenna.

I am Brian Duerr, WB2JIX. I took over the True Ladderline business in March 2015, formerly owned

by Charlie Redding, K5JYB (SK).

I am carrying on the tradition of manufacturing, selling and supporting the classic W7FG True Ladder

Line Wire and Antenna. I purchased my first 10-80M doublet many years ago from Gary (W7FG) and

another one from Charlie. I was sold on the performance from the moment I turned on my radio. I'll

never go back to coax-fed dipoles. Neither will you when you try one! That's a promise. These

antennas have a 30 year history and I plan to see to it that they have another 30 or more. Thanks so

much for taking the time to check out my small business. I hope to make you a convert.

The antennas and ladder line are still made by individuals with disabilities through a program

in Oklahoma, where they provide the clients with a place for job training, sheltered

employment and a supervised work environment. My hope is that in some small way, we are

able to make a difference in their lives, help them develop a sense of independence and gain

some much-needed life skills. About ten percent (10%) of your purchase price goes directly to

them. They in turn, are free to spend their income in the local community however they wish.

They all take pride in their work, care about what they do for us and appreciate your support!

Thank you from all of us!

Brian brought a sample section of the antenna. It’s one piece of wire from your antenna tuner to the

end of the dipole and is simply and elegantly designed. He invited all of us to give the antenna a try!

If you have a question, comment or suggestion, contact Brian on his website

http://www.trueladderline.com and he will get right back to you as soon as possible. Usually within a

couple of hours, depending upon his schedule.

The meeting was adjourned about 7:15 pm. Respectfully submitted, Allen W1AAT Tinker, Secretary

THE JULY MEETING , Bob DeVarney, has been rescheduled to tell us about his Earth-Moon- Earth communications

experiment on the first Wednesday of July, the 6 th .

NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING will be held on Tuesday evening 19 July at 6 pm in the upper room of The

Falls General Store on the corner of Route 12 and Cox Brook Road in Northfield Falls. Everyone is invited to join our

newly elected officers in planning our future.

FIELD DAY activities were held at the Barre Town Recreational facility on the Saturday and Sunday weekend of 25 and

26 June and fifteen members and friends were on hand to enjoy good food by Joe and Linda Schaedler, good fellowship

and fun by all with hearty congratulations to Fred N1OEP, Cathy N5NWR, Ed N1FMP and Steve KA1LHZ for their work

behind the microphones.

A SEPTEMBER EVENT OF INTEREST CVARC is delighted to announce that on Saturday evening 17 September Don

KB5VP Price of Windsor, VT will speak to us about the new interest of Digital Mobile Radios which is sweeping across the

ham community. Don is the Connecticut Valley FM Association’s head guru in the subject and was a prime mover in

getting there UHF digital repeater installed on Mt. Ascutney.