Minutes of May’s Meeting – 2016


Minutes of the 4 May 2016 CVARC Meeting

President Cathy N5WVR James called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm in the Community Meeting room and also the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the Barre, VT Municipal Building.

CVARC members and friends attending the meeting were:  Cathy N5WVR James, Allen W1AAT Tinker, Ed N1FMP Hutchinson, Fred N1OEP Doten, Carolyn KC1AZA Brusetti, Russ W1LRS Schauer, Alan K1MZM Zaur, Avi K1AKE Freund, Ture NB1NBJ Nelson, Steven KA1LHZ and Joe N1PTR McKeon.

Minutes of the 6 April 2016 meeting were approved as presented.

The Treasurer reported that as of 1 May our income for April was $660 and expenses were $264 leaving a monthly balance of $396.  Our balance forward was $456.30 and with the addition of May’s $396 balance our new balance is $882.30.

President Cathy N2WVR James presented the following items for discussion and future direction:


Cathy announced that progress has been made on securing an editor who will assume duties in the very near future.  We all agreed that good communications are vital to an active and engaged ham radio club and everyone was encouraged to give thought to a potential article or blurb on their ham activities and interests, pictures, DX that you have worked and items that you have made.



Members and friends will receive a copy of the By-Laws with proposed revisions indicated and should come to the June meeting prepared to vote on the adoption of the new revised By-Laws.


Repeater Use Policy

The Steering Committee/Board of Directors recommends to the membership that the current Repeater Use Policy of 2011 be rescinded since the conditions that led to its adoption no longer exist and that FCC Rule 97 is adequate for our needs.  The report was accepted and constitutes due warning for the vote to rescind at the June membership meeting.


Field Day, Saturday and Sunday 25-26 June

It was decided to operate a 2A station.  That is 2 stations on HF as well as a VHF station and a Go To Station if it can be arranged.


Members were asked to indicate what would be convenient for them to bring to the event and the response ranged widely among our members.


Steve KA1LHZ Board indicated that Field Day is one of his annual “high/holy” days and will bring his usual retinue of equipment which includes transceiver, antennas and necessary auxiliary equipment.


Cathy will bring a 100 watt solar panel and an Icom 706 for use on 6 meters.  She will also provide Keurig coffee from her employer for the event and Allen will bring his Keurig coffee maker and also a 6 meter beam. He will also collect the club’s Honda generator purchased from the Stridesbergs and bring logging software.


Alan Zaur will make available a two meter beam for our use.  Russ has volunteered to advertise the event via the Barre Police/Fire Departments outlets which include all the major media outlets.  Cathy and others will write an appropriate press release.  Ture Nelson has contacts with The World and The Times Argus.


Members and participants will receive a check list which they are asked to bring to the June meeting so that details can be finalized.



The meeting was adjourned about 7:15 pm.



NEXT STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING will be held on Tuesday evening 21 June at 6 pm in the upper room of The Falls General Store on the corner of Route 12 and Cox Brook Road in Northfield Falls.  Everyone is invited to join our newly elected officers in planning our future.

THE 1 JUNE 2016 MEETING of CVARC will feature Brian WB2JIX Duerr of the True Ladder Line Company.

FIELD DAY activities will be held at the Barre Town Recreational facility on the Saturday and Sunday weekend of 25 and 26 June.  Arrive on Saturday morning and stay with us or return on Sunday morning.

THE JULY MEETING , Bob DeVarney, has been rescheduled to tell us about his Earth-Moon-Earth communications experiment on the first Wednesday of July, the 6th.

A SEPTEMBER EVENT OF INTEREST   CVARC is delighted to announce that on Saturday evening 17 September Don KB5VP Price of Windsor, VT will speak to us about the new interest of Digital Mobile Radios which is sweeping across the ham community.  Don is the Connecticut Valley FM Association’s head guru in the subject and was a prime mover in getting there UHF digital repeater installed on Mt. Ascutney.


Ken KB1GPQ Blair has two Single Bander transceivers (one 20 meter and one 75 meter) with power supply and microphone available for $50 each.  Contact him at 802-272-4271 for details or to have a picture emailed to you.  He also has a Meisner Signal Shifter available, also for $50.


Virgil AA1RW Hall has some 2 meter equipment for sale for a lump sum of $225.  The package includes an Icom ICv82 with charger, a Yaesu FT-2800m mobile FM Transceiver, a Tokyo Hy-Power amp HL-37v, and a Marksman Laser Hawk adjustable slingshot Model #3061.  Call Charlie “Virgil” Hall at 439-3997 or send an email to his daughter Darlene:  darlenerhall@hotmail.com.