E-Mail from Allen Tinker

Hello Core Group of CVARC Revitalizers!


Below please find the current list after two gatherings of those who are interested in revitalizing the Central Vermont Amateur Radio Club!

You will note that we are missing some phone numbers and indication of ARRL membership of some.


I want to remind everyone that while 17 participants thus far is an impressive number, we are not yet a “revitalized” club of 40 members!

Our main task is to make that happen as soon as practicable.   But we are not there yet and we need to focus on the crucial issues that lie ahead.


Our last session with Cathy James was very helpful in that she provided a focus of the vital issues that we must work on in the weeks and months ahead.


The upcoming Field Day activities in June can provide club members an opportunity to build a good experience together that will add great depth and dimension to our learning, our friendships and our club sprite de corps.  While it would be great to have the CERT trailer at Field Day, it is not vital to a good experience with each other and its revitalization may take away precious time from our effort to revitalize the club.  The same is true for an inventory of CVARC property and its location.  Granted, that’s a task that needs to get done, but that can wait until we are up and running.


We need to put a strong set of officers and appointees in place at the April annual meeting; we need  to begin to think about program presenters for future meetings this year; we need to get our finances in order and we need to “talk up” the future of the club with our friends and relations.  I hear what you are saying about the way we have done business at past CVARC meetings and I share your concern about that.  But listening to our very bright President expound on “Lighting Protection” at the March meeting is not moving us much closer to becoming a revitalized CVARC and I hope that you will understand my drift here.  To revitalize CVARC, unfortunately, is going to require a lot of business and planning and that’s what our core group is and should be doing.  We’re getting our website going; we’re looking forward to a club newsletter; we’re looking forward to an event like Field Day when we can make something together.


The minutes of the February gathering will be available shortly and I look forward to continuing the process of getting CVARC revitalized at the next meeting in March which will begin at 6 pm in the community meeting room of the Barre Municipal Building which is home to the Police and Fire Departments.  And our thanks to Russ Schauer who is again dispatching for the Barre Police Department for putting us on to the space.



Allen W1AAT

Secretary pro tem


Call Sign Name License Preferred e-mail (802) telephone City ARRL
K1MZM Alan Zaur Extra Montpelier Y
N5WVR Cathy James Extra Barre Y
N1FMP Ed Hutchinson Extra Plainfield Y
KB1ZSQ Jim Bonner Extra Washington Y
N1PTR Joe McKeon Extra Barre ?
AB1YC Joseph Schaedler Extra Randolph Y
W1LRS Russell Schauer Extra Topsham Y
W1AAT Allen Tinker General Fayston Y
N1GBB Chris Knox General Northfield Y
N1OEP Fred Doten General West Berlin N
KA1LHZ Steve Board General Roxbury N
KB1NGQ Tom Long General Waterbury Ctr Y
Linda Lipton Schaedler Student Randolph ?
KB1WXT Bill Peatman Technician Warren ?
KB1PFI Bob Danaher Technician Waitsfield ?
KC1AZA Carolyn Brusetti Technician Barre N
KB1NBJ Ture Nelson Technician Montpelier ?